No.TitleVol. & No.Authors
1On the Equity of University Professor’s Compensation: A Comparative Study on Compensations of University Professors and High/Elementary School Teachers in TaiwanVol. 24, No. 2 Tsing-Zai C. Wu, Nien-Su Shih, Ching-Yu Chu
2The Impact of Media Reputation on Stock Market and Financial Performance of Corporate Social Responsibility WinnerVol. 28 No. 1 Yu-Chen Wei, Yang-Cheng Lu, Jen-Nan Chen, Dan-Leng Wang
3Tax Avoidance and Pyramidal LayersVol. 28 No. 1 Wen-Hsin Hsu, Hsin-Tsai Liu
4Popularity Information and Online Purchases: Consumer Interpretation as the ModeratorVol. 28 No. 1 Lynne Lee, Ling-Ling Wu
5Applying Game Theory to Credit Guarantee Mechanism on Supply Chain Sourcing ModelVol. 28 No. 1 Ming-Huang Chiang, Cheng-Feng Wu, Ming-Shian Ye
6The Impact of Investment Opportunities and Investor Protection on the Dividend Policies of Ultimate OwnersVol. 28 No. 1 In-Mu Haw, Olivia Leung, Yang Liu, Woody Wu
7The Effects of Consumer Emotion on Nine-Ending PricesVol. 28 No. 1 Yin-Hui Cheng, Shih-Chieh Chuang, Molly Chien-Jung Huang
8An Empirical Study on the Relationship between Service Inventory and Operational Performance: Taiwan Taxi Fleet Taken as an ExampleVol. 27 No. 2S Sheng-Tsung Hou, Wan-Chien Lien, Chieh-Min Chou
9Do Both SOX 404 and AS5 Reduce ICFR-Disclosure Errors?Vol. 28 No. 1 Hsien-Lian Chiu, Ling-Tai Lynette Chou
10Electronic WOM and Online Review – A Literature ReviewVol. 26 No. 3 Chun-Yao Huang, Ping-Yu Liu

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