NTU Management Review— Mission Statement

  As an effort to promote academic exchange and industrial/business services, as well as further manage academic theories and empirical researches, the College of Management, National Taiwan University, publishes and collects academic papers that are conceptual or empirical, research papers written in either Mandarin or English yet published in other academic periodicals, or commentary papers concerning specific articles, books, or critical subjects in academic disciplines.
  The Regulation Governing NTU Management Review Publication has been approved in a College Affair Meeting held on Nov. 9, 1989. Issue 1, Volume I was published in May 1990, while the ensuing volumes were published at a pace of one volume per year, and were made accessible to the general public. The pace was later increased to two volumes per year in response to enthusiastic submission of writings since 1994. Special issues were published from time to time since 2009. Starting from 2015, three volumes are released annually; on June, September, and December.
  Designation of area editors became an additional part to the practice of changing staff editors since Aug. 1, 2005. An area editor, appointed by invitation, who excelled in a specific academic discipline, was to function as chief reviewer of a discipline and responsible for recommending researchers with outstanding track records in the research of concerned subjects to join the review board. The chief reviewer was also responsible for drafting preliminary and secondary review reports based on the opinions provided by the members of the review board. Since Oct. 2014, all editorial committee members were reconstructed into advisory and editorial boards, where the highly regarded staff editors were invited to join the board of NTU Management Review. The staff editors have expanded once again on Aug. 1, 2016, and NTU Management Review is honored to have plenty of internationally acclaimed scholars on both editorial and advisory boards. 



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