No.TitleVol. & No.Authors
1The Effect of Information Opacity on the Weighting of Performance Measures in the Compensation Contracts of CEOs: Evidence from U.S. FirmsVol. 32 No. 3 Tay-Chang Wang, Chia-Wen Liu, Liang-Shiuan Chen
2The Effect of Adopting Case Method with the Modified Consulting Exercise on Students' Critical Thinking Disposition and Learning InterestVol. 32 No. 3 Yu-Lin Chen, Mei-Chu Huang
3Exploring the Relationship between Suppliers' CSR and Customer Satisfaction in B2B Context: The Moderating Effect of Vertical Inter-Organizational Commitment and the Moderated Mediation Effect of Competitor IdentificationVol. 32 No. 3 Yu-Ching Chiao, Yu-Chen Chang, Ching-Wei Chou
4How System Integrators Can Help Client Companies Develop Big Data Analytics Capability?Vol. 32 No. 3 Tim Yueh-Ying Wu, Jamie Yi-Ting Chang, Jeffrey Chi-Feng Tai
5The Relationship between Strategy and Hemodialysis Performance: The Moderating Role of Competitive IntensityVol. 32 No. 3 Chuan-Hui Chang, Ming-Chang Huang, Yu-Ching Chiao, Blossom Yen-Ju Lin
6Earnings Management Behavior under the Global Budget Payment and Reduction of Medical Expenses System: The Effects of Different Types of HospitalsVol. 32 No. 3 Chan-Jane Lin, Hsiao-Yu Chen, Hsiao-Lun Lin
7Heavy Work Investment and Job Burnout: The Moderating Role of Health Promotion and Psychological CapitalVol. 32 No. 2 Shu-Ling Chen, Hsin-Hua Hsiung, Chiu-Pin Chen
8The Smartphone Manufacturers' New Product Development Performance in the Generation Transition of Android Ecosystem: Exploiting Old Technologies to Enhance the Effects of Exploring New TechnologiesVol. 32 No. 2 Jing-Ming Shiu
9Being Alone Deserves More Sympathy? Influences of Victim Number, Cause Acuteness and Individual Differences in Self-Construal on Charitable Advertising EffectivenessVol. 32 No. 2 Chun-Tuan Chang, Yi-Chia Chen, Chia-Han Chang
10The More, the Merrier? The Bystander Effect on Crowdfunding PlatformsVol. 32 No. 2 Jyun-Ying Fu, Wen-Ching Sophia Chou, Chwo-Ming Joseph Yu, Kuo-Feng Huang

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