1. The purpose of the National Taiwan University Management Review (NTUMR) is to publish conceptual or empirical academic papers that have yet been published in other academic periodicals, and written in Chinese or English, or commentary papers concerning specific articles, books, or critical subjects in academic disciplines.

2. For the authors whose paper has been submitted and accepted, they need to sign the Copyright License Agreement and the publication right of the paper will be transferred to the National Taiwan University College of Management and NTUMR. Authors need to be fully responsible for the accountability of their papers. Authors must ensure that their paper has never been submitted to other journals, is free of plagiarism and any copyright infringement complications. In addition to the provision of the printed copy of the accepted paper, authors must also agree to allow their paper to be saved to the NTU Journal Database, which is established by the NTU Press.  

 3. As a general principle, a submitted paper length should be limited to 50 pages (including references, appendices, tables, and figures) to be considered for publishing. For an anonymous refereeing of the manuscript, the name, title, affiliation, and contact information of the author(s) should be provided separately. Also make sure that any self-identifying references are absent from the manuscript. For general consistency, NTUMR retains the right to modify the submitted papers to maintain a consistent editorial standard.

4. Submitted papers qualifying the natures and format rules stipulated by NTUMR will be subjected to double-blind peer review by reviewers recommended by area editors. With opinions of reviewers and the area editors taken into consideration, the editor-in-chief will determine whether the paper is qualified for publication after further modifications, or should be rejected and returned. 

5. For international authors, a PDF copy will be provided. No paper will be returned regardless of acceptance for publishing; all submitting authors are responsible for keeping their own original files.
6. Starting from 2018, the NTUMR’s publishing schedule will change to every April, August, and December. NTUMR cordially invites domestic and international scholars to submit papers to us.
7. Submission fee: Overseas Remittance should be paid in USD at an amount equivalent to TWD 3,000, which approximately equals USD 100. No other currency is accepted. Cash by post and checks are not accepted. (NTU Management Review is printed in black and white. If the author requires the papers to be printed in color, the author must pay the cost of the fee of color publishing by themselves.)

8. Methods of Payment: Online Credit Card Payment
Click on the Online Credit Card Payment link and follow the payment instructions.

Once the paper has been sent for review, NTUMR will issue a receipt to the author. Logging into the NTUMR website, electronic receipt is available for download at NTUMR website: Download -> Download Receipt. The original receipt is available upon request by clicking on Carbon Copy Receipt and once the information form has been filled, NTUMR will send the requested receipt via registered address. 

9. To expedite paper review and publishing, authors are required to complete their paper revision within four months after receiving review opinions, and upload the revised papers to submission system for review again. Failure to comply accordingly will result in submission rejection. An author requesting for special consideration for deadline extension must provide explanation by email to NTUMR editor office (email:ntupmcenter@ntu.edu.tw), where area editor-in-chief will decide whether an extension should be granted. Each paper is limited to one extension request.

For further inquiry regarding paper submission, please call +886-2-33661026 or+886-2-33665404, or fax to +886-2-23635658.




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