Portability of Social Security Pension in Taiwan

Fu, T. H., Shi, S. J., and Lin, H. Y. 2019. Portability of Social Security Pension in Taiwan. NTU Management Review, 29 (2): 173-200. doi:10.6226/NTUMR.201908_29(2).0006

Tsung-Hsi Fu, Department of Social Work, National Taiwan University
Shih-Jiunn Shi, Graduate Institute of National Development, National Taiwan University
Hung-Yang Lin, Department of Social Work, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology


Taiwan's pension system is a typical Bismarck model, which means that it has different schemes for people in different occupational groups. Participants might be required to shift to a different pension scheme when they change jobs. Therefore, how to improve the portability of the system has become a critical topic. This paper discusses the concept and historical development of pension portability. In addition, it considers Taiwan as a case study to analyze how different public and occupational pension schemes manage portability. The results reveal substantial differences between current pension schemes in terms of vested regulations for early leavers and portability of service. In addition, defined-benefit and defined-contribution schemes employ different strategies for pension portability. This paper suggests that Taiwan's pension plans should use vesting rights, service portability, and assets portability to improve the overall portability of pensions. These measures can improve people's income security in later life. 


pensionpension reformpension portabilityold age income security

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