Chi, H. Y., Weng, T. C., Liao, C. H., and Huang, H. Y. 2017. Political Connection and Firm Performance. NTU Management Review, 27 (2): 1-34. doi:10.6226/NTUMR.2017.JUL.R.13016   
Political Connection and Firm Performance
紀信義 / 國立中興大學會計學系教授
Hsin-Yi Chi, Professor, Department of Accounting, National Chung Hsing University

翁慈青 / 逢甲大學會計學系副教授
Tzu-Ching Weng, Associate Professor, Department of Accounting, Feng Chia University

廖芝嫻 / 國立臺灣大學會計學系副教授
Chih-Hsien Liao, Associate Professor, Department of Accounting, National Taiwan University

黃馨儀 / 國立臺灣大學會計學研究所博士候選人
Hsin-Yi Huang, Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate Institute of Accounting, National Taiwan University

本文主要探討公司成員政治背景是否影響企業績效。本文以大股東、最高階主管或董事成員是否擔任過中央政府官員、民意代表及相關政黨工作等特性,作為公司政治背景之替代變數,以台灣2005 年至2011 年之上市櫃公司為研究對象,實證結果發現,具有政治背景之公司,無論是會計績效或市場績效皆顯著較差。另將政治相關職位做進一步的分析發現,當公司有較高比例的董事成員擔任過中央政府官員或民意代表時,不但未能替公司增加價值,反而會產生較差的公司績效,此結果不受董事成員專業知
中文關鍵字政治背景, 公司績效, 公司治理

This paper investigates how political connections affect firm performance. Different from prior studies, we enlarge the scope of political connections to include the board of directors in addition to large shareholders and top management. Besides, we also examine connection types, including connections through political parties, members of parliament, and government ministers. Using a sample of Taiwanese-listed firms from years 2005 to 2011, we find that politically-connected firms have lower accounting performance as well as lower market performance. Further analysis indicates that firms have weaker performance when they have higher proportions of directors serving as central government officers or legislative body representatives. The negative association is not affected by the director’s level of professional knowledge and exists both before and after the financial crisis. The results are also consistent across different incentives (including future growth opportunities, financing needs, and tax avoidance) for politically-connected firms.
英文關鍵字political connection, firm performance, corporate governance