Chen, L. M., Liu, E. Y., and Sunny, S. J. 2017. Process Innovation and Improvement: A Competitive Dynamics Perspective. NTU Management Review, 27 (3): 1-32. doi:10.6226/NTUMR.2017.DEC.A103-047   
Process Innovation and Improvement: A Competitive Dynamics Perspective
陳立民 / 國立政治大學企業管理學系助理教授
Li-Ming Chen, Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration, National Chengchi University

劉妍 / 利茲大學商學院講師
Yan Emma Liu, Lecturer, Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds

楊曙榮 / 國立臺灣大學工商管理學系副教授
Shu-Jung Sunny Yang, Associate Professor, Department of Business Administration, National Taiwan University

中文關鍵字作業流程創新, 作業流程改進, 競爭策略, 營運策略

Operations and strategy literatures have consistently promoted the best practice of accredited management standards for process efficiency and effectiveness. Based on the capability theorizing, studies have investigated how a following firm can improve its operational performance by learning from a leading firmʼs best practices. Our study extends this research stream by applying competitive dynamics perspective from strategy literature to the context of process development and management. We develop insights by applying a dynamic, computational model based on an extensive appraisal of the history of process innovation and improvement in the global automobile industry and draws on the underlying theoretical relationships in the empirical literatures on operations and strategy. The core proposition in our study is that a follower firmʼs investment in process innovation capabilities for long-term growth will provoke strong retaliation from leading firms using the current best practice. We demonstrate that the leading firm can publicly signal its best practice to induce the follower firm to invest in process improvement capabilities but only for short-term survival, not for long-term purposes or goals. In this way, the leader firm maintains its leading edge. Our results also underscore the importance of competition in determining the firm-level process development and management practices.
英文關鍵字process innovation,, process improvement, competition, operations strategy