Li, Y. E., Chang, F. K., Hsu, C. L., and Liao, H. C. 2017. Information Management Research in Taiwan: Historical Retrospect and Future Outlook. NTU Management Review, 27 (4): 1-38. doi:10.6226/NTUMR.2017.DEC.25104-009   
Information Management Research in Taiwan: Historical Retrospect and Future Outlook
李有仁 / 國立政治大學資訊管理學系講座教授
Eldon Y. Li, University Chair Professor, Department of Management Information Systems, National Chengchi University

張芳凱 / 大葉大學資訊管理學系助理教授
Fang-Kai Chang, Assistant Professor, Department of Information Management, Da-Yeh University

許建隆 / 德明財經科技大學行銷管理系副教授
Chien-Lung Hsu, Associate Professor, Department of Marketing Management, Takming University of Science and Technology

廖建翔 / 輔仁大學資訊管理學系助理教授
Chien Hsiang Liao, Assistant Professor, Department of Information Management, Fu-Jen Catholic University

中文關鍵字資訊管理研究, 議題分類, 研究方法, 內容分析法, 趨勢分析

With the rapid change of information technology (IT), the information management (IM) research stream and its research method have evolved continually during different time periods. This study selects two representative journals of information and management fields in Taiwan—Journal of Information Management and NTU Management Review, and analyzes the trends of their published topics in the past decade for historical retrospect and future outlook. The findings reveal that the focus of IM research has been changed from applications of IT in enterprises to personal life and personal mobile devices. The study also discovers that most IM research emphasizes the actual applications in industries. With the advance of data validation tool, the prevalence of big data analysis, and the researcher’s pursue of research reliability and validity; empirical research with the data collection and verification is dwindling and an increasing amount of field study and database analysis have entered into the research arena.
英文關鍵字information management research, topic classification, research method, content analysis, trend analysis