Organized by National Taiwan University Management Review (NTUMR) and Kyoto University (KU) of Japan, the 2014 Management Theory and Practice Conference concluded on Apr. 5, 2014. The 2-day seminar was held at the Kitakyushu International Conference Center with VIP guests including Mr. Yoshihiro Tokuga, former Dean of Graduate School of Management (GSM-KU), Professor Sharon K. Parker from University of Western Australia, Professor Kunio Okina from KU, Dean of the NTU College of Management -Mr. Ruey-Shan Andy Guo, former deputy Dean of NTU College of Management- Ms. Chan-Jane Lin, deputy dean of NTU College of Management -Ms. Ming-Huei Hsieh, and Professor Rong-Ruey Duh, former editor-in-chief of NTUMR. The keynote speakers were Professor Sharon K. Parker from University of Western Australia, and Professor Kunio Okina from KU.

  NTUMR first proposed to the KU and Kitakyushu City Government to co-organize the 2014 Management Theory and Practice Conference. The seminar invited domestic and international management elites to discuss and exchange in depth about academic research in management and industrial development trend. Through interactions and exchanges, scholars from different areas had reached agreements on topics of forward-looking management, not only bringing new aspects and creative ideas on management theory and practice, but also contributing substantial meanings as references for organizations.

  This 2014 seminar had called for papers on the topic of ”Frontiers of Management: An Asia Pacific Perspective”, and received 130 papers from the United States, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Macao, Indonesia, and Singapore. After reviewing, 60 authors were invited to present their papers at the seminar. Best Paper Award, Excellent Paper Award, and Recommended Paper Award and incentives of USD 800, 400, and 250, respectively, were granted to 15 authors.

  2014 MTPC had helped to form closer interaction and exchange between KU and NTU; NTUMR looks forward to cooperating with more internationally renowned academic institutes as to promote our university’s international academic and educational exchange, uplift international position, expand students’ international vision, and enhance research collaboration.

Pictures of 2014 Management Theory and Practice Conference in Kitakyushu:
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