How System Integrators Can Help Client Companies Develop Big Data Analytics Capability?

Tim Yueh-Ying Wu, Jamie Yi-Ting Chang, and Jeffrey Chi-Feng Tai 2022. How System Integrators Can Help Client Companies Develop Big Data Analytics Capability?. NTU Management Review, 32 (3): 117-154.

Tim Yueh-Ying Wu, Graduate Institute of Business Administration, National Taiwan University
Jamie Yi-Ting Chang, Department of Information Management, Tunghai University
Jeffrey Chi-Feng Tai, Department of Management Information Systems, National Chiayi University


Big Data Analytics (BDA) is a new technology being increasingly adopted by enterprises. Lacking of Information Technology (IT) capabilities; however, most companies are unable to obtain BDA capabilities upon implementing the BDA systems. This study posits that system integrators can play a key role in helping companies with insufficient IT capabilities to nurture BDA capabilities, a conjecture which has rarely been tested in prior studies. Based on a survey consisting of 107 effective samples, our analyses show that the integration and technical services provided by system integrators can enhance cooperation among business units and elevate the analytics capability of IT departments, leading firms to successfully develop BDA capabilities. By exploring the antecedents affecting the formation of BDA capabilities, this research fills the gap in literature pertaining to the perspectives of system integrators involving in BDA system implementation projects. Furthermore, the results can be used as a reference in corporate practices.  


Big Data Analytics capabilitysystem integratortechnology serviceintegration serviceresource-based view

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