An Integrated Data-Drive Methodology for Auditor Performance Appraisals and Auditor Assignment Optimization

Wang, T. C. 2023. An Integrated Data-Drive Methodology for Auditor Performance Appraisals and Auditor Assignment Optimization. NTU Management Review, 33 (1): 1-34. doi:10.6226/NTUMR.202304_33(1).0001

Tzu-Chien Wang, Department of Business Administration, National Taiwan University


With the expansion of related business groups and impact of digitization on financial industry in Taiwan, in recent years, financial holding companies often fail to provide adequate internal supervision and management due to problems of audit-staff scheduling, which frequently leads to adjudication and penalization. The study aims to solve the problem and find better performance evaluation method of auditors beginning by reviewing past performance appraisal models in prior literature. We then integrate the random forest and differential evolution technology and propose a two-stage data analysis method. Applying this method, we analyze audit data collected from the financial information system; optimize the internal audit performance; and resolve issues related to audio performance evaluation and task planning. The verification results show this two-stage model can accurately evaluate the audit performance of high-level audits under different tasks; smoothly assign appropriate audit tasks; and strengthen operational decisions. Secondly, we prove the construction of a multi-objective mathematical model based on provision of professional courses, audit qualification system, task auditing, etc. can optimally classify the most applicable action plan and dispatch rules, which are extremely helpful to the management of audit-staff scheduling. Lastly, with the practical application of this audit data project, we demonstrate the heuristic method suggested would be more feasible in execution than the conventional planning method. 


decision-making modelauditors performance appraisalsaudit-task schedulingdispatching rulesintegrated data-drive models

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