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Volume 32 Number 1 April 2022 DOI:10.6226/NTUMR

 Chung-Ying Yeh • Ren-Raw Chen • Bing-Huei Lin • Shih-Kuo Yeh
 Extracting Liquidity Risk Factors by Credit Default Swap Quotation and Corporate
 Bond Yield: An Experimental Investigation

 Ming-Chin Chen • Chia-Wen Chang
 The Effects of Halved Imputation Tax Credits and Wealthy Tax on the Dividend
 Policies of Listed Companies: A Comparative Study of Family and Non-Family Firms
 in Taiwan

 Yu-Hsiang Lin • Li-Chung Jen
 Internet Celebrity Economy: Exploring the Value of Viewers’ Comment Features and
 Live Streamers’ Marketing Strategies in Forecasting Revenue

 Jan-Zan Lee • Hsiu-Mei Liao • Hsin-Ping Ma
 The Determinants of Voluntary Disclosure of Unaudited Earnings by Listed Company
 on Market Observation Post System

 Yu-Xian Wu • Ya-Ching Lee
 Straight into Your Heart: The Effect of Live-Streaming E-Commerce on Consumer

 ISSN 1018-1601  Volume 32 Number 1 April 2022  College of Management, National Taiwan University
 GPN 2007900048  Sponsored by Yin Xun-Ruo(尹珣若) Education Foundation
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