No.TitleVol. & No.Authors
1A Study of Member-Choice Management Platform for Pension FundsVol. 29 No. 2 Chan-Chuan Tung, Anchor Lin, Grace Lee
2Effect of Inflation on the Cost of Inflation-Linked Annuities Considering Stochastic Interest Rate and Inflation Rate ModelsVol. 29 No. 2 Fen-Ying Chen, Sharon S. Yang, Hong-Chih Huang
3An Estimation Model for Evaluating the Impact of Changing Officers' Minimum Time in Grade and Maximum Time in Service on Officers' Future Pension PaymentVol. 29 No. 2 Cheng-Liang Yang
4The New Thought of Labor Insurance's Pension BenefitsVol. 29 No. 2 Fen-Ling Chen, San-Lin Chung
5Financial Effects and Intergenerational Inequity of Pension Reform in TaiwanVol. 29 No. 2 Jennifer L. Wang, Hong-Chih Huang, Yen-Chih Chen, Mark, Hui-Heng Cheng
6Portability of Social Security Pension in TaiwanVol. 29 No. 2 Tsung-Hsi Fu, Shih-Jiunn Shi, Hung-Yang Lin
7The Relationship between Board Interlocks and Corporate Tax AvoidanceVol. 29 No. 2 Mei-Juh Huang
8The Illiquidity Premium: Further Evidence from Global and Asia-Pacific MarketsVol. 29 No. 1 Yakov Amihud, Allaudeen Hameed, Wenjin Kang, Huiping Zhang
9Post-disaster Grain Supply Chain Management with Supplier Hoarding and Regime InterventionVol. 29 No. 1 Jiuh-Biing Sheu, Hsin-Tsz Kuo
10Exploring Dual Business Model Choice of Brand and OEM BusinessesVol. 29 No. 1 Chung-Song Kuo, Ji-Ren Lee

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