No.TitleVol. & No.Authors
1The Moderating Effect of Review Involvement on the Relationship between Low-Cost Carriers Service Quality and Customer SatisfactionVol. 31 No. 1 Jia-Jen Ni, Yi-Hsuan Li, Tom, M. Y. Lin
2Motivations behind Property Developers' Price Cut: "Profit-Sharing" vs. "Sales"Vol. 31 No. 1 Shang-Hua Lee, Chin-Oh Chang
3Executive Stock Options, Corporate Cash Holdings and M&A DecisionsVol. 31 No. 1 Yu-Lin Huang, Yenn-Ru Chen, Bai-Sian Chen
4Valuation and Risk Management of Weather Derivatives: The Application of CME Rainfall Index Binary ContractsVol. 31 No. 1 Shih-Kuei Lin, Ming-Che Chuang, Dong-Jie Fang
5Does Left-Right Matter? Effects of Product-Price Left-Right Placement and Construal Level on Product EvaluationVol. 31 No. 1 Zhao-Hong Cheng, Chun-Tuan Chang, Li-Chieh Lai
6A Preliminary Investigation into the Influence of New Southbound Policy on Enterprises' Internationalization Process from the Awareness-Motivation-Capability (AMC) Perspective and the Network Relationship View: Case Studies of Food Service IndustryVol. 30 No. 3 Yan Xu, Yao-Ping Peng, Tzy-Wen Tang, Tien-Chiang Teng, Ching-Chang Lee
7Time Paths of Weather-Induced Mood Effects on Stock ReturnsVol. 30 No. 3 Anya Khanthavit
8Effects of Users on Technology Adaptation: Multi-Case Studies from Morphogenetic ApproachVol. 30 No. 3 Shin-Horng Chen
9Effects of the Types and Contents of Video Advertisements in Mobile GamesVol. 30 No. 3 Hsuan-Yi Chou, Tsai-Chen Yang
10The Relationships among Characteristics of Interlocking Directorate Network, Technological Diversity and Innovation Performance: Evidence from Taiwan's Electronics IndustryVol. 30 No. 3 Cheng-Jen Huang, Chao-Yuan Chang

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