No.TitleVol. & No.Authors
1The Application of Social Capital and Organizational Ambidexterity to the Value Creation Process of Dynamic Capability: Antecedents and ConsequencesVol. 30 No. 1 Ku-Ho Lin, Yao-Ping Peng, Yen-Chun Peng, Tien-Chiang Teng
2Entrepreneurial Networking Actions and Innovativeness of Opportunities: The Moderator Role of Venture StageVol. 30 No. 1 Ru-Mei Hsieh, Shih-Chieh Fang
3CEO Pay Cuts, Corporate Governance and Family BusinessVol. 30 No. 1 Li-Jin Huang, Ying-Fen Lin
4Corruption and Economic Growth: The Effects of Business EthicsVol. 30 No. 1 Tzu-Yun Tseng
5Is a Bigger Picture Better? The Impact of Product-Model Ratio and Brand-Consumer Relationship on Advertising EffectivenessVol. 30 No. 1 Chun-Tuan Chang, Hsin-Yi Wang
6The Winners and Losers in Taiwan's Warrants MarketVol. 30 No. 1 Chang Chan, Yehning Chen, Wen-Chyan Ke, Shang-Chieh Huang
7The Way to Reconstructing Relationship: The Characteristics and Effects of Consumer Forgiveness in E-CommerceVol. 30 No. 1 Han Lee, Chuan-Feng Shih, Heng-Chiang Huang
8Effects of Advertising Media and Consumers' Information Structure on Manufacturers' Equilibrium Pricing and Advertising StrategiesVol. 29 No. 3 Chyi-Mei Chen, Shan-Yu Chou, Shih-Tsung Huang, Huei-Wen Zeng
9Research on Employee Creativity in Taiwan and East Asian Countries: Findings and ImplicationsVol. 29 No. 3 Aichia Chuang, Chun-Yang Lee, Yu-Syuan Chen, Kuo-Ching Yen
10Are Industrial Conflicts Inevitable or Fortuitous? — A Process Research on Industrial Conflicts in Taiwanese Enterprises from the Perspective of Structuration TheoryVol. 29 No. 3 I-Hui Lee, Chien-Ming Wu, Shang-Ping Lin

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